Day 8 / Inevitable Pain

As I woke up this morning, I felt how I was moving into the anger phase. Though, it didn't last long, because I cannot be angry at you in the long run. Instead, my emotional state quickly changed to aching heart, shallow breathing, emptiness without an end and back to the shock-state. The only way... Continue Reading →

Day 6 / The Unknown

Trying to understand and navigate through the surreal new reality I find myself in. Trying to find my way through the fog, through the constant feeling of inexplicable emptiness. Although we both have said multiple times that we feel that we will indeed end up being together, neither one of us have an inch of... Continue Reading →

Day 5 / This is me Letting You Go

It has been two weeks since you reached the point where you felt that you had had enough "I am letting you go now", you said, whilst in anger. I thought I'd give you some time to think things through, so that our Love story wouldn't be ended in an emotionally heighetened state. But it... Continue Reading →

Day 3 without my Twin

Starting the day off with feeling slightly relieved, or at least somewhat lighter than the previous days.. But since, it has just spiraled downwards. Every now and then throughout the days, I feel the heaviness, the emptiness and soulcrushing grief hitting me.. The inexplicable pain. I am doing my very best to turn to acceptance,... Continue Reading →

Truest Words

"Can we not love each other whilst apart?" she asked "Yes, we can. I will always love you, no matter what .. ".. I don't necessarily have to be with you, but I have already spent so many years without you" [I don't want to have to do it anymore]

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